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Acquisition and Rehab

CPAH'S employs the community land trust model of affordable house in order to create housing opportunities that will remain affordable forever.


CPAH acquires existing properties, conducts necessary rehabilitation work in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner, and then sells the homes only to qualified low- and moderate-income households at an affordable price. CPAH retains ownership of the underlying land and leases the land to the homeowner for a nominal fee (currently $25 per month). The purchase price for the homebuyer is typically 20% - 65% below the market value because, in essence, the homebuyer needs to buy only the home, not the land. If the homebuyer later wants to sell their home, it is sold to another low or moderate income-qualified buyer or back to CPAH at a formula price designed to give the homeowner a fair share of appreciation, while still keeping the home affordable for the next buyer.

How do I find out how to apply?

CPAH holds regular orientations sessions throughout the year for potential applicants. Orientation sessions provide a detailed overview of CPAH's programs, the resale formula and provide a comparison of traditional homeownership vs. CPAH homeownership. If the applicant is eligible for the program, CPAH works with homebuyers to identify a suitable home and secure a responsible mortgage. To sign up for an information session please contact CPAH.


CPAH also develops rental units for low income households. Typically rentals are available for those at 60% or below area median income, though there are some CPAH rental units for those with income at 80% or below area median income. Please see the Get Housing section to learn more and access the link to our rental pre-application.

Resident Services

In addition to developing affordable housing opportunities, CPAH provides ongoing support and advocacy to help homebuyers and renters secure long-term housing stability. Residents are invited to participate in seminars about, for example, home maintenance and topics related to financial management, to attend an annual resident/Board picnic and to march with the fellow CPAH residents and Boards in an annual July 4th parade. CPAH also has programs to help residents succeed including a microloan fund and a matching account program with a local bank, both for critical home repairs.


The City of Highland Park and Evanston adopted inclusionary zoning ordinances that requires developers to set aside a portion of new units as affordable housing if they are constructing a development of five or more units. CPAH administers these inclusionary zoning programs on behalf of the City of Highland Park and the City of Evanston. Activities include marketing the program and homes, educating prospective buyers and renters, eligibility determination, managing the waiting list, lender coordination, sales administration, ongoing resident services, and re-sales. Like the community land trust model, the inclusionary zoning ordinance uses a deed restriction to ensure the housing remains affordable in perpetuity.

Consulting Services

CPAH also provides consulting services related to the development, rehabilitation and administration of affordable housing.

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CPAH Spotlight:

Craig & Nicia's Story

This is our story of how CPAH helped us turn our lives around and change directions.

We were earning enough income from our jobs that we were able to start saving for a home. Our second baby was on the way and while we weren't entirely secure, we felt we were making progress.

Then Nicia, along with hundreds of others at her company, unexpectedly lost her job of 13 years. Suddenly, we went from two incomes for our family of three, to one income for what would soon be our family of four. To make matters worse, with winter coming, Craig's hours as a truck driver were reduced. Since the rent for our townhome was now out of reach, we looked for a one-bedroom apartment, but we couldn't find decent, affordable housing.

For for the first time, we went into credit card debt to meet our monthly expenses. We were sinking and no matter what we tried, could not change directions. We felt hopeless.

Then we heard about CPAH. We quickly learned that CPAH had thrown us a life preserver. CPAH encouraged us and helped us through the application process. When we were fully qualified, we thought that maybe this was our chance to change directions.

When we walked into the home that would eventually become ours, it was unbelievable. Could this really be a home for our family? The answer was a life-changing yes. Now we have a safe, affordable, permanent place to call home and are optimistic about our future. Our expenses are manageable, and we are part of a wonderful community. Thank you CPAH!

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